5 Reasons to have an Identilid sticker

Save a life

We at Identilid are passionate about helping to save lives in the "Golden Hour". The information which you provide will allow the first on scene access to your valuable medical requirements in the unfortunate event of an accident either whilst pursuing your hobby, in the workplace, on holiday or even on a school trip where your designated first aider can scan your sticker and then know that you have eaten peanuts by mistake and you have an allergy to them, or you are diabetic. This information is used when you need it most as it could help to keep you alive


Locate a person

We at Identilid would like to support you if you or a loved one suffers from dementia. Our sticker could help in an emergency. We are working closely with the NHS to see how we could support patients.

If you are the parent of a small child and they are away on a school trip wouldn't you feel better in the knowledge that if they are lost their sticker could be scanned to return them back safely?


Personal information is safe

When you subscribe with Identilid your personal information is stored safely away. Only you have access to your login area where you can change and update your information at any time. We at Identilid only have your name, address, phone number and email address for auditing and marketing purposes. For further information on this area please refer to our terms and conditions where all your questions will be answered. If not then please feel free to contact us at anytime.


Reliable application

The application has been in development for over a year to ensure its reliability, functionality and performance. It is absolutely crucial that our app is easy for the customer to navigate and not to become frustrated with the process of subscribing and entering your potential life saving information. We with your feedback will continue to strive, act quickly and prevent issues from arising rather than reacting quickly when they do arise! We are constantly improving our app to ensure our customers have a stress free experience.


Instant information retrieval

When your QR code is scanned with a smartphone reader it instantly unlocks your valuable information to allow the lead user to identify your needs and wants at a crucial time. Identilid are in talks with the NHS to ensure that your information can still be retrieved without a phone signal where an air waves signal can be used to call into a central hub and use your ID number to retrieve your information stored away in your code.


Trade Mark Registration Number: UK00003112328

Identilid can make all the difference

Versatile instant data access to your medical information.
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About Identilid


Why use Identilid ©

For the emergency services and first on scene to identify personal emergency details from the rider by scanning a small unobtrusive code sticker on the helmet by using a QR Reader on a smart phone or a scanner handset. Identilid offers peace of mind to both the rider and their family in case of an emergency. The NHS are supporting Identilid, offering a quick, reliable service once the QR code sticker is scanned, potentially helping to save a life as well as contact next of kin in the event of an emergency.

How does it work?

A QR code is scanned into a mobile device using a QR reader uploading personal details of the injured person. They will have subscribed to the service by entering their details into Identild’s secure database. This will generate a code with two stickers which can be used on different headwear with the same information on each one. More codes can be supplied if needed. The stickers will be sent to the customer by 1st class post. All emergency services are made aware of the Identilid QR code which can be accessed using a smart phone or a scanner supplied by Identilid.

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